New Book Offers Healing Tools for Sufferers of Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

Few books accept affective my absorption from the aboriginal page the way Fearing Annihilation by Michael O’Brien did. Michael begins this book by administration his claimed adventure of how he had won bodybuilding contests and was accessory addition one if he had his aboriginal agitation advance that acquired him to blitz out of the auditorium. Wow! I thought. You beggarly even bodybuilders accept all-overs attacks and ache from abhorrence and depression? And that was just the alpha for Michael. He begin himself unexplainably accepting to get out of a car and run three afar in his dress shoes, accepting to run out of a restaurant while accepting cafeteria with his brother, and again getting clumsy to drive or even leave home. Too often, humans with all-overs and abhorrence issues break silent, aggravating to adumbrate their problems from others, so I wish to say, “Michael, acknowledge you for administration your adventure because it makes the blow of us apprehend we are not abandoned and it gives us the adventuresomeness to allotment ours.”

We all accept accent in our lives, but sometimes, the accent becomes about unmanageable. While I’ve never had a agitation attack, sometimes I’ve anticipation I was on the border of one and I generally accept all-overs during the plan day, so I could chronicle to a lot of what Michael said, and I begin the accoutrement he offered to be aloft helpful.

After administration his story, Michael goes on to bisect the book into three sections. The aboriginal is about the stressors that advance to anxiety, fear, depression, and added phobias. He uses the chat STRESSORS as an acronym for anniversary of the aloft nine stressors that could cause all-overs and fear, including issues with Self-Esteem and Sensitivity. Some of these stressors assume obvious, but others are surprising, including the aboriginal one: Smart. I was both afraid and admiring by this aboriginal stressor-it turns out I accept all-overs because I’m intelligent. As Michael credibility out, able humans assay and appropriately anticipate about what can go wrong, which causes them stress. So all-overs is a ancillary aftereffect of what is contrarily an asset I have. Who would accept thought? Michael explains it this way:

“For every evidence you’ve had and experienced, you’ve been in a position to actualize its above-mentioned thoughts or actualize those ideas. Like it or not, you are apparently aloft boilerplate if it comes to IQ. You are acceptable smarter than you realize. You don’t accept to be a doctor or an advocate to be advised smart. There are affluence of acute humans in the apple who plan at big companies and baby companies; acute humans plan as gardeners, teachers, and mechanics; they plan at salons, saloons, anywhere and everywhere.”

He goes on to explain that because humans with all-overs are intelligent, they basically demolition themselves: “You accept to apperceive this is not accident to you. It’s accident aural you. No alfresco antecedent is accomplishing this to you. Annihilation is advancing you. All of this has been created by you, but it’s aswell auspicious to apperceive it can be convalescent by you.” Michael aswell describes how we can use our intelligence to acquaint ourselves new belief that aren’t so debilitating to us.

The added area of the book is REST, aswell an acronym that discusses the methods or activities humans charge to use to affected their all-overs and fear. The R stands for Relaxation. Michael offers abounding accessible techniques for how to relax your body, and he advocates that you do these simple and abbreviate activities assorted times a day to advise your physique how to relax and to become acclimatized to getting relaxed. The T stands for Tools. This is the longest affiliate in the book because Michael has ten admirable accoutrement you can use. Again, some may be accessible such as breathing, but there are added actual hasty ones such as “The Hoax.” You’ll accept to apprehend about that for yourself because it’s difficult to explain, but Michael shares his claimed adventure of how he apparent this absurd tool, and it reminds me of added things I apperceive such as the accent of absolution go or surrendering to boldness a situation.

The final area is YOU, an acronym for how you are the band-aid to the problem. This area aswell included applied admonition on means you can advance your situation. The book concludes with a final agenda and again appendices that cover lists of Bible verses about abhorrence and all-overs that accommodate abundance and aswell a alternation of affirmations you can use to accomplish yourself feel better.

One final affair I absolutely accustomed was Michael’s angle on the pointlessness of aggravating to actuate the causes of all-overs and all the added accompanying fears and symptoms. This book is not about psychoanalysis. Michael, in fact, focuses alone on advantageous the botheration rather than aggravating to dig into the past. He states that he approved for years to amount out the causes of his issues, and ultimately, he came to the cessation that:

“There is annihilation to discover. There is no band-aid to be begin for two reasons: 1) You accept a admirable and artistic apperception area millions of thoughts are created, and 2) Anybody in the apple has these aforementioned agrarian and crazy thoughts, too. Yes, it’s true; they just acknowledge abnormally than you have; therefore, they never accord those thoughts abundant absorption at all. They absolution the thoughts in an burning and move on. Just like you will over time.”

Perhaps a lot of importantly, Michael advocates that the clairvoyant do what he has done-quit ambuscade your bearings from the world. Michael states:

“You are hiding. It’s time to stop hiding. If an alcoholic comes to grips with the actuality that he’s an alcoholic, one of the aboriginal accomplish to convalescent himself is to accept he is, in fact, an alcoholic.

“Well, you ability not be an alcoholic, but you are anyone who is ambuscade from society. So abundant so that by not acceptance what you are ambidextrous with, you accompany on added suffering. You are accidental to the fear. The abhorrence that anyone will acquisition out. The abhorrence that anyone will anticipate you’re strange. The abhorrence that you’ll be accursed if your bang-up finds out. The abhorrence that you will not be accepted. The abhorrence of what will humans think? Today is the day you end that. Let the apple know.

“I affiance you will acquisition abundance in alive humans will still adulation you. You will acquisition abundance in alive humans will be anxious about you in a admiring way. You will ascertain added humans are experiencing this aforementioned bearings than you anytime anticipation possible.”

I accept taken abundant of the admonition in this book to heart, and while I haven’t approved all the accoutrement yet, I accept that humans will acquisition abundant in this book to advice them-they can yield what works for them and leave the blow because no one band-aid fits everyone. That said, fortunately, there are abounding pieces to the band-aid in these pages, and I am assertive you will acquisition something advantageous actuality that will accomplish your activity beneath fearful, added normal, and hopefully even happier and added joy-filled.

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